Cosmic Equilibrium

Our planet Earth exists in Milky-Way galaxy it is tiny part of super-cluster Laniakea and as of now our scientists have found around 225 billion galaxies in the universe with their existing telescopes and they know that with new advancements they will find more galaxies.

Cosmic equilibrium is an advance level program for those candidates who have already gone through ‘Spiritual Thinking Process’ program and still craving the desire go beyond that to understand their existence in relevance of the cosmic elements.

The journey to cosmic equilibrium demands a lot from the participants especially in terms of understanding their identity in elemental forms with reference to cosmos.

The four major stages are:

Cosmic Awareness

This universe is absolute and absolute is nothing but an amalgamation of masculine and feminine elements. Here, the term "elements" refers not to a substance or something material, but to the various modes in which energy may manifest itself, both at the subtle and at the gross level. The whole cosmos and our own existence is not an exception to this fundamental truth. Cosmic awareness gives you an insight to understand the roles, responsibilities and working of both the elements in our life and in the universe. You will realize what it means to accept yourself, your family, relatives, friends, neighbours, colleagues and others in elemental form.

Cosmic Integration

The objective of cosmic integration is to attain a state where you can feel a universe around you and a universe within you. You can remain unaffected by the differential of energies because you are able to absorb the impact of resultant magnitude without any conflict.

Cosmic Resonance

It is an advance mental state, where you can connect to the reservoir of knowledge and realize the expansion of your potential and inherent abilities beyond your existing knowledge.

Cosmic Equilibrium

This awareness will manifest stillness which will make you able to relate to various spectrums of masculine and feminine energies of the cosmos.