Spiritual Thinking Process

After ‘Power of Thoughts’, which is first in the series of our exclusive programs, we can move ahead with those inquisitive souls who want to develop their Spiritual Thinking Process.

Being born as human is the biggest opportunity for the upgradation of soul on higher planes of spiritualism and it can be done only through a systematic process. Life is an endless journey to do continuous efforts to peel-off different layers of our consciousness. Indian ancient Rishis have unraveled 8.4 million layers of consciousnesses and it is our free-will to take an effortful upward route or to let it go down the drain.

One has to start working on the root cause of setback on this journey of inner illumination. No significant change can be visualized in a being if he/she does not start working on his/her spiritual thinking process. We have witnessed that just following prescribed rituals and practices have led to nowhere if thought process is not spiritually inclined and streamlined.

The objective is to change the perspective from ‘Who I am’ to ‘Who am I?’

Where ‘Who I am’ focuses on our outer self known to us and the world around us, the quest of ‘Who am I?’ takes an inward route and explores our inherent potential and the objective of our existence.

The mystery unravels and our understanding about our physical, mental and spiritual self starts manifesting. We understand the working of our conscious and sub-conscious layers and how one can program another. How our supreme consciousness gets affected by our day to day activities and how to keep it free from developing scars. One has to empty itself without any hesitance to reach its core.

The process may involve one to one counseling at various levels and we develop customized meditations in special cases.

10 Stages to Spiritual Thinking Process
  • Who I am!
  • Structure of “I”
  • Introduction to Consciousness Layers
  • Working of Consciousness Layers
  • Inter-relation and Programming of Consciousness Layers
  • Who am I?
  • Understanding Concept of Duality
  • Working of Karmic Wheel
  • Acknowledging Divine Intervention
  • Experiencing Orbital Consciousness