Developing Third Eye

Training Methodology

  • Lecture & Presentation
  • Group Discussions And Activities
  • Games & Exercises
  • Case Studies
  • Yoga & Meditation

Duration of the Program

• Two Days (Can be done on weekends)

Course Overview

Just a mention of ‘third eye’ reminds us of Lord Shiva in Indian mythology. Opening of ‘third eye’ means destruction but destruction of what? We know that nothing worthwhile can be constructed without destruction. In corporate life, we acquire new abilities and skills to become more effective and efficient as a performer. In our endeavor to achieve that, we destruct inabilities, negativities and impossibilities.

In that case, the function of ‘third eye’ is to look, observe, analyze, verify and convert to create a leadership in innovation. At advance stage, it eventually finds innovative ways to utilize, even the inabilities for the benefits of the organization.

Training Objective

This is a unique training program designed especially for the research team and senior management executives of the corporate. They can look forward to –

  • Innovation in Business Development
  • Creating a New Leader Self
  • Adding a Character to Business
Course Content