Financial Program - It's My Money

It’s My Money in line with “It’s my life” is a unique program for all earning individuals who are at different life cycles stages. It enlightens participants about their financial priorities in a humorous way.

Our fast paced life, directed by our unending ambitions and challenging professional commitments has something more to explore, understand and implement especially when it comes to our hard earned money.

“If we fail to plan, we plan to fail.”

Financial decisions are often complex ones and everybody is not financial savvy to gauge the impact of each financial decision and its short and long-term effects on life goals but a well designed plan gives right direction and meaning to our financial objectives.

Personal financial planning is a strategic approach to achieve our financial goals of life through the proper management of our finances. Financial goals may include security of our family, higher education and marriage of children, buying a home, a new car, a comfortable retirement or leaving a legacy.

Few written, unwritten and forgotten rules are:
  • Risks which you cannot afford should be off-loaded.
  • Liquidity of at least 6 months should be maintained.
  • Income Replacement Plans should be purchased when income is coming.
  • ‘Health Today, Gone Tomorrow’ – Buy a health cover today else you have to borrow.
  • Critical Illnesses can squeeze life out of you and money out of savings.
  • Temporary or Permanent Disability are the byproduct of diseases and/or accidents.
  • Money if not channelized to achieve financial goals will be drained purposelessly.
  • Start creating wealth when young to enjoy an independent retirement life.
  • Life Is Beautiful – Make It Meaningful by philanthropic activities.
  • Google is not a replacement of a Certified Financial Planner.