My Quotes

You have potential of an ocean, don't get satiated by just a handful of it. Explore and you will definitely get its glimpse, stay for a while, observe and proceed. When infinity is reversed, it becomes zero - can we say it, an opportunity wasted. Think!

Your limitations are the boundaries you create in your thoughts. Explore your true potential, nurture your inherent talents and let a unique personality manifest beyond all dichotomies & that is YOU.

Societal rules change and so does the man whereas the Cosmic rules remain same and so does the man.

We can remain unaffected by differential of energies when we are able to absorb the impact of resultant magnitude without any conflict.

If results are not as they should then there is some problem in the process. But most of the time we like a good student get obsessed with the procedures, never question them & we get restricted to our own limitations.

If you perform only under pressure, it means you have stopped doing efforts for knowledge, wisdom, realization and self-actualization long back. Are you dragging just for the sake of living or life is still my passion?

When we are alone, our real emotions come on the surface to find an exit BUT habitually we suppress them; do they disappear? NO. Expressing them is like unplugging holes for free-flow of blocked energies.

Love manifests within, medium can be anyone but illumined love exists beyond all dichotomies & reasons.

Hold water, it'll stink; Hold emotions, u will shrink; Unhold to unfold the layers of knowledge & experience life in its true essence. Use power of imagination to visualize the freedom of expression.

Animal instinct asks us to walk on our toes.

Basant Panchami is an indication to learn from nature the simplest concept of life ACCEPTANCE. The moment we will start accepting ourselves as we are, we will accept others as they are and the CHANGE for our betterment will begin automatically.

The quest starts with "Who Am I?" ends with "Who I am" & then life begins.

Complacency is the waste of potential hence keeps striving for more and goes beyond traditional norms to explore the essence of being born as human. The end might seem same but the quality of life lived & enjoyed makes all the difference.

The beauty of human life is rarely recognized as is evident with the manifestation of negativity at almost all the stages of our lives. Objective is to rise upwards but for that we must be grounded and if we don't hold ground then decline is inevitable. The whole challenge is to find base and for that, acceptance of current position without any hesitation is must.

Choosing the best out of available options and making a willful choice for a definite purpose of life transits you from ordinary to extraordinary.

Understanding self in your individuality devoid of all influences makes your path clear.

Maintaining balance is the only aim of cosmic energies; whatever turbulence is created by natural or unnatural means of whatsoever magnitude, the balance is re-established; it has no consideration for any single entity (living or dead) in its existence hence no consideration of the priorities or values manifested by us for our own benefits; we might in our ignorance create some unbalance BUT it repositions in one way or the other, whether we like it or not; it has to happen without fail. The essence of human life is its struggle to create that balance within; all of us will achieve that for sure BUT a conscious approach will save time and energy and the journey will become a series of joyful events with meaningful results.

Purpose is the only motivator to achieve success in life hence it is said that life without purpose is barren indeed. Let us re-evaluate our purpose of existence in life.

Mutual understanding doesn't mean to agree on all subjects rather it’s an ability to step into other person's shoes to feel the pinch and to incorporate his/her conflicting views/actions with conformity.

In our normal course of life: Always “YES SIR” means the person has not explored his/her potential or has low self-esteem; Always “NO SIR” means arrogance or ignorance or both.

You always get the benefit of your investment in life. We must understand, what we are trading off for what; like you trade off your time, talent, experience in a job for money. Once we decide or take action then we must accept the result.

Applying the rule of FORGIVE and FORGET is the blessing of life but NOT TO FORGET THE LESSON is the guide of life.

Be intelligent, selfish and mean for your good health: Never allow any kind of NEGATIVITY to enter your thoughts, feelings, emotions to avoid serious physical and mental diseases in future.

Every day before going to bed and after rising check for your neutral consistency i.e. your true divine self and if the light is dim then clear all carbon deposited.

Don't wait for opportunity to evolve some day to create magic rather this moment is the first and the best opportunity.

Life is a meaningful journey hence to reach your destination on time you've to leave the urge to stop at every place.

Life is challenging and it dares those who have the capacity to win. You're the chosen one because divine wants to awake your hidden powers of WILL, FAITH, DETERMINATION so that you could promote yourself to higher planes of spiritualism.

Diamond is that special CARBON, which bears pressure, heat and cuts more than any other fellow carbon; we always have choice to remain ordinary.

Life in its simplest form is 'UNDERSTANDING' but Simple Things Are Neither Common Nor Easy.

The root cause of all problems is shrinking ourselves in an imaginary shell, thickening its wall and never ever dare to take a realization journey inside.

Do you know that you are loved only for your good qualities and these are nothing but reflection of that divine which passes through all of us like light; how much we absorb and how much we reflect it depends on the clarity of our conscience, but to keep your conscience clear in today's world is the biggest challenge. One needs to leave all the people, places, situations, thoughts, news, books, articles, websites etc. that destroys its integrity.

When we say that this PAPAYA is as tasty as MANGO then perhaps we've had only those MANGOES that tasted like PAPAYA only. We always have perceptions limited to the extent of exposure we have in our life but perceptions change with time and experience.

Positive thought is like milk, when it boils, it gets concentrated like RABRI and increases its value whereas Negative thought is like ACID when it boils produces poisonous fumes (pollutes people around) and its lethal effect does irreversible damages to all 3 layers of our self viz. physical, mental and spiritual.

Human tendency that we can't listen to lower voice (inner conscience) in the presence of louder voice (outer distractions such as money, fame, status); As we get closer to material world, we get farther from our own self then feel deserted and a sense of non-belongingness.

Irony of life: Khud Se Door Hokar Khuda Dhundhate Hain.

Kaikai was not the bad person but she closed her WISDOM EYE and judged her lifelong relations with Ram, Dashrath, Kaushalya with the NARROW (self-centered) VISION of MANTHRA 'the messenger' and the result was that she was cursed, deserted by all including her own son and spent all her life in repentance. How many times we take an internal journey to evaluate our lifelong relations with our own experience and not with other's viewpoint.

When one starts finding fault in relationships then he virtually starts getting away from the warmth of it; slowly coldness sweeps in and a time comes when parting is inevitable. When we love the person despite his/her weaknesses, we create a life long bonding.

Fallen Leaves complained to the tree for its cruelty. Tree said it is because they have stopped sharing the life juice with it and changed their color. One might see them connected to the tree in fact they were not. Hence when they dropped, it neither gave any pain nor left any scar.

Death of a person affects the people to the degree of extent that they are attached to emotionally; hence saint advice you to attach yourself maximum to the divine as it is immortal.

Health, knowledge and relations must be upgraded. Apart from love, compassion, understanding and dignity, mutual respect is the basis of a relationship and if it is missing then there is no need to waste your time, energy, money, and emotions on a baseless thing.

Only relation with divine is immortal. By meeting good people and adapting right values in life we are moving a step further towards divine. Our soul will remove all its impurities and get immersed in that divine and lose its separate existence and will become one. That is called SAMARPAN, VISARJAN, VILAYA.

Never share your problems, anxieties, worries, stresses with anyone unless he can help or guide you.

Life is a ‘Rat Race’ and you will always be chasing others. Is there any end to it? Solution is to STOP COMPETING with peers, neighbors, colleagues, friends and relatives. Concentrate on your life to make it more meaningful. Remember, your material world is replaceable but you aren't.

Lions and Cats look alike in their infancy but after that they've to move to their peer groups due to the difference in their basic nature.

Devil and God are inseparable entities imbibed within us; their combination percentage helps us to categorize the character with reference to their act in consideration. Though, basic character will never change yet we always have right to choose the direction that shapes our destiny.

Our decline starts when we presume life's 'privileges' as 'birth rights'. Just give it a thought for 2 min.: How much I am blessed by the divine in comparison of His billions of other equally loved creations; constantly thank the divine for considering us as His 'choicest one' and promise Him to utilize all our talent, knowledge, wisdom, powers and abilities for divine causes.

Our God is exactly like us; rather we create HIM with our perceptions, thoughts, actions and deeds as per our wish and will; that's why we have different destinies despite idolizing the same sculpture. RAMA and RAVANA worshipped Lord Shiva but for their different means and ends. “Intention Is More Important Than Mere Act.”

Pain and Pleasure provide the same kick in life and keep it moving; the difference is that pain is created by people in their life to transform them into a masochistic character by continuous auto-suggestion that the cause of their suffering is somebody else which further deteriorates the personality. Role reversal can be done once it is understood that we ourselves are the only cause of our pain and sufferings.

“No one kicks a dead dog”, we get hurt when we've a sense of belongingness; fortunately the pain decreases as the bond weakens. Some people are the most precious jewels in our life because they are there when even our blood relations have ditched us; but there is always a choice.

Stagnant thoughts start stinking like a drainage system; then why visit those thoughts again and again.

Let us have a constant vigil on our thought quality. Action against negativity should be:

  • Break the thinking pattern.
  • Stop and avoid all negative people, reading, discussion, situations etc.
  • Make a list to analyze your real and virtual surroundings.
  • Reduce the list on daily basis by replacing it with positivity.
  • Life Is Beautiful - Make It Meaningful.
  • "Sarve Bhavantu Sukhinah" is my mantra for life hence my unshakable faith in SUPREME POWER gives me a divine wish for you that HE will be kind enough to bless you with the best of physical, mental and spiritual health in abundance. Let the divinity reflect through our acts whose derivative is HIS Love which is immortal.

    Techniques of living life may be different BUT fundamentally a well lived life is always based on principles and principles do not change.

    OATH: Let us remember the oath that we took before departing from God's place; we, YOUR integral part will do our best to make YOUR world beautiful by utilizing our talent, intellect, creativity, energies gifted by YOU to inculcate human qualities among others including ourselves. Rather than asking for our rights we'll do our duties with our best potential to the extent of sacrificing YOUR gift of life for YOUR cause to get illuminated and be worthy enough to be greeted by YOU on our return.

    Our thoughts create a form and go out to do their work; their effectiveness is unquestionable hence we must THINK before processing even the slightest negativity about anybody known or unknown. Positivity helps us in developing DIVINE CONSCIOUSNESS.

    Indecisiveness creates inconsistent and disintegrated personality that makes a person terribly unpredictable which disqualifies him as a trustworthy entity for any serious relationship.

    The secret revealed: Knowledge increases as one develops LEARNER'S attitude and belief that whatever he has known till date is little and incomplete. This transformation of life calls for regular introspection to check the direction of advancement to reach the ultimate goal in life.

    Revisit your life and you'll find this surprising truth that your mutual Karmas keep you in a relationship But once your account is settled then it is over forever leaving you free of all unwritten liabilities, light headed, cheerful and contented.

    Justice, truth, harmony, compassion, understanding and perfect goodwill doesn't diminish difficulties of life but it gives new meaning to it that allows you to face them with a new strength and wisdom.

    Like elastic and metals, relations too when strained beyond their threshold limit they reach at a ‘Point of NO RETURN’.

    Our happiness is destroyed when we apply ‘Prejudiced Comparative Analysis’ in life’s mathematics; why can’t we shed the dichotomies between the materialistic world and our inner conscience and let the hidden divinity radiate through our personality; happiness and contentment are bound to evolve.

    All systems are transitory, incomplete and imperfect. Same is with life, just think…. Isn’t life, death and reincarnation are simple transitions to reach that stage of unity with Supreme.

    Remember childhood stories of hen laying golden egg each day but greed took away the lifetime asset; a pied piper who drowned all rats but thankless townsmen refused to pay and lost their children forever; the lesson we get is, though greedy and thankless people seem to be benefitted by exploiting their relations yet in the end they lose both benefits and relations and remain empty handed.

    The lock of relationship is once jammed because of absence of oiling of regular connection then even the keys of love and affection is of no use.

    Path of spirituality is steep; the higher you reach, more are the chances of falling down for earthy pleasures if you look back, till you become one with the divine.

    If we break our promises to ourselves and to other people, then we erode trust.

    The sense and feeling of INCOMPLETNESS makes us to love or befriend someone who complements us in our journey towards perfection.

    Heating element that propagates its heat from the nearest to the farthest end; resembles the working of 3 layers of our being viz. Physical, mental and spiritual. Positive thoughts originate from spiritual self and form a thinking pattern at mental self before transforming to action by physical self; pursuance is the key.

    Unifying the different parts of our being is the only TAPA that we've to do to have congruence with the Supreme.

    An example to understand divine force is to observe electricity passing through different devices and they act as per their capacity, function and ability. Only difference is that we can upgrade our inherent qualities to get enlightened.

    Losing any of your personal possessions is always dreadful but still I wish that you lose all your negative thoughts, influences and people who hamper the advancement of your soul to higher plane of spiritualism.

    God has created us or not but one thing is sure that we have created our God; our God is nothing but the personification of our belief system which is the processed output of all the direct indirect inputs through various mediums since birth.

    Path towards enlightenment leads through illumination of our inherent and latent powers imbibed within us but unrealized.

    Talents when smoked and suffocated with unfulfilled desire then they find the life worthless and go into deep depression and the result is very well evident; for this reason our Indian culture has given higher place to The Guru than God………………Arjuna was talented but confused, he was ready to be a beggar rather than fighting against evil forces but Yogeshwar Krishna guided him on the path of Karmayoga; result is transformation and channelization of energies on the right path for the betterment of larger masses.

    We are scared of facing the TRUTH, specially that truth which reflects our infirmities, weaknesses and flaws; to counteract it we often layer it with careless laughter, neglect and avoid the situations and people, even our inner voice; but the strange fact about truth is that more we suppress it, more it bounces back and dare us to face it; one day or the other, this life or another ultimately we’ve to face it; why not NOW !!!

    LIFE is the most amazing methodology devised by divine for the upgradation of the soul; being in the process while knowing and understanding HIS will makes the journey enjoyable and is the key to happiness.

    ‘Fitness for the purpose’ is the objective of divine; our life is His then how will He allow us to divert. Find the solace within as we are the originator…..we are the source.

    In one life, how many lives we want to live OR we've to live. The fragrance of life is so captivating and full of endless possibilities that quest for the best is destined. Events, persons, relations and situations might give new dimension to the life but too many dimensions can turn it to ZERO also. Surprisingly, Zero represents Shoonyta and Poornta both; it doesn't have anything and have everything in it; perhaps the rare combo of the sense of emptiness and fullness. Just a state of consciousness, remember the mantra, "Poornmadah Poornamidam Poornaat Poornamudachayate......................."

    Whenever any organ dysfunctions in our body, the other organs and energy systems put their best possible efforts to restore the body's normal functions despite getting affected adversely in that process; similarly nature acts, we might witness destruction initially BUT it is just an act of saving the greater loss in future. We withdraw money because we've deposited; if we take loan, we payback principal with interest in limited duration but we forget these basics when we take anything from the nature then nature activates its recovery department.

    The strangest ambition is striving for the unification with Supreme Consciousness without being aware of your own consciousness.

    Your words make or break a relationship. Judgmental, biased and self-centered people fall prey to materialistic world & close doors of pure blessings and divine wisdom forever.

    Life seems worthwhile when its purpose unfolds - know yourself as SOUL, understand others as SOUL, bodies as MEDIUM to enjoy the expressive state of your being, relationships are nothing but opportunities to balance the KARMIC WHEEL, ultimate goal is unification with Supreme.