Power of Thoughts

Identify Your Powers

Our day to day activities require very less amount of our real potential. And the problem is that our existing educational systems have their limitations in exploring the maximum potential of our minds. We have to take an inner journey to realize that we have greater potential which can only be achieved by proper trainings. Your acceptance is the first step towards actualization of your hidden powers.

Elementalization Of Power Zones

Our thoughts have the power to make or break the path of our progress. To succeed, we need to conceptualize, plan, process, execute, review and re-implement till we get the fruits of success. Do we understand our powers in their elemental form? If not, then this is an opportunity.

Inter-Relation Of Power Zones

All parts are important in the proper functioning of a machine, be it a car or mobile. Similarly, the elements of power cannot work alone, hence we must learn about their inter-relationship so that we can use them at their best.

Understanding Each Power Element

If ‘Knowledge is Power’ then how to define ‘Knowledge of Power’ and how many of us really understand the capacity of our various powers like Will, Concentration, Faith, Imagination, Attitude, Control and many other inherent powers existing yet unknown to us.

Prioritization Of Inner Powers

We face different challenges and many a times life takes sudden test of our ability, strength, capacity and patience and at that time if we know how to organize and give lead to one of our powers over the other then we can invite balance in our life.

Synchronization Of Powers

Engine of car and aeroplane perform efficiently with the help of synchronization of gears, similarly if we learn the art of synchronization of our powers then we can save lots of our energies which we waste in confusion, fear and guilt.

Channelization Of Powers

Channelization can be understood by use of electricity by various electrical devices and we witness that same electricity is used to heat the water in geyser but creates ice-cubes in freezer. It is like creating symphony which ultimately manifests peace and serenity around us.

Utilization Of Powers

The most intellectual creation of divine, we humans need to utilize our powers for the betterment of mankind and to re-establish ancient glory of India. We cannot save our house if it is fire in our neighborhood. Whatever we want we can achieve by creating thought clouds. This final module is based on the Vedic sutra ‘Sarve Bhavantu Sukhinah’ so that the divinity originates within turns multifold outside.

Each participant will get the Certificate after completion of 8 Levels.