Values – Morals and Ethics – Principles

The world of today is quite different from the world of our parents and our grand-parents. What worked well for them may not work for us. Hence, with changing generations the need for conscious living is emphasized. We have to make conscious choices so that we can select the principles which act as the best guide of our behaviour.

The burning question is what is the importance of values, ethics, morals and principles in our lives?


Our values are part of complex attitude sets that influence our behaviour. It describes what is important in a person's life. It refers to the relative worth of a quality or object, something is desirable or undesirable. When it is biased and applied unconsciously, we tend to make subjective judgements about a whole manner of things. They actually drive us and we make choices that support our value systems than choices that will not.

Morals and ethics

Morals and ethics prescribe what is or is not considered appropriate behaviour in living one's life. Ethics are the standards by which human’s behaviour is evaluated for their morality - their rightness or wrongness. Everybody gives high value to a person who is goal oriented but what matters is how it is achieved – is the method ethically and morally acceptable to the society?


Our principles are the base of our overall personality and life patterns. They help us decide our choices of values, morals and ethics. In the modern times where money has gain higher weightage than character, it is only our principles who act as guiding light in the darkest storm. Our future generation has to be principle centric to lead the society and the country.

The clear sets of principles define values in the light of morals and ethics.