Shaktipunj - Make A Choice for Safe Life Today

Shaktipunj (शक्तिपुंज) is a program to empower women with the art of self defense to protect their life, honour and self esteem. They can be students, housewives or working ladies - they can learn it and they should because even basic training can help in trouble.

Every day we read about so many crimes against women.

Women feel insecure everywhere including home, office, park, club, mall, temple, lift, metro, cab, auto, rickshaw, taxi, bus, train and while driving car, scooty, bike?

According to National Crime Records Bureau 2013 report, everyday approx. 1000 women in India suffer from sexual crimes in one form or the other, be it eve teasing, domestic violence, sexual harassment, kidnapping, molestation or rape.

Sexual crimes are personal attack on women’s minds and bodies, instilling fear and violating a woman’s right to bodily integrity, education, and freedom of movement.

Sexual crimes frequently occur on the street, in the workplace, in educational institutions and on public and private transportation.

According to a survey, women are nine times more likely than are men to leave their education or jobs as a result of sexual crimes.

For criminals, women, children and old age people are soft-targets (WHY?)

Because they are not trained to protect themselves.

What can be done?

Take initiative to learn the art of Self-Defense (Street Fight) to protect yourself, your family, friends, neighbours, colleagues and other people of the society.

Remember, when we are attacked, only our weaknesses defeat us BUT ‘Self Defense’ prepares us to attack on the weaknesses of criminals to defeat them.

Life Time Benefits of Martial Arts
Physical Fitness Self Confidence
Mental Strength Weight Reduction
Stronger Bones Health Discipline
Flexible Joints Powerful Stamina