“Stress”, the word in itself has become a STRESS for the whole mankind. Be it a school going kid or a teenager; a housewife or working lady; a peon or a politician; executives or directors, all are stressed. Scientists, doctors, researchers, psychologists, psycho-sociologists, psychobiologists, psychopathologists, yoga masters and so many other intellectuals are everyday finding one reason or the other for the cause of stress and developing techniques and solutions to get rid of it but it provides only temporary relief.

The life-sucker ‘stress’ has become a key originator of lifestyle diseases like diabetes and hyper-tension, that’s why most of the professionals start their day with a medicine.

Following table gives a brief overview of cause and effects of stress:

What Are The Effects Of Stress?

What Causes Stress? General Effects Physical Effects Psychological Effects
Money Irritability Headache Lack Of Interest/Motivation
House Anger Hair Loss Feeling Depressed Or Sad
Economy Fatigue Skin Problems Feeling Nervous Or Anxious
Traffic Insomnia Palpitation In Chest Feeling Like Crying
Performance in Exams Lack of Appetite Upset Stomach Unable to Trust
Relationships Feeling Dizzy Relationship Failure
Family Health Problems Muscular Tension
Personal Health Concerns Change In Menstrual Cycle
Family Responsibilities Change In Sex Drive
Job Stability Erectile Dysfunction
Personal Safety Teeth Grinding

When people don’t come up to your expectations you get stressed and similarly when you are short of someone’s expectations despite your 100% efforts you are again stressed. These expectations could be from parents, children, teachers, friends, colleagues or Boss. Ego plays a major role in developing stress.

Reasons could be many but the fact is that we humans are born out of emotions hence the origin of stress is from within then how can we find a solution outside? Stress is outcome of emotions like ‘Anger’ which is friends with ‘Fear’ and is enemy of ‘Joy’, ‘Love’ and ‘Wonder’ and is neutral to ‘Calmness’, ‘Courage’, ‘Sadness’, ‘Disgust’.

If we reduce the causes of anger then we can either have lots of love and joy in our life or we can enjoy the calmness and develop courage to deal better with the situations.

Stress.eXe is such an amazing program that helps you to understand your emotions and to deal with them in the right manner to achieve the balance in your life. It will make you understand the nature of your core emotions, their inter-relationship with each other and some unique ways to deal with them in a given situation and few you will develop later on while going on with life.

Remember, life is beautiful – make it meaningful.

Each participant will get the Certificate after completion of the program.

Who can be benefitted?

Any individual who is minimum 18 yrs. can attend it. There is absolute no restriction on any other factor whatsoever.

Program Duration: 10 Sessions of 2 Hrs. Each (5 Weekends OR 10 Sundays)

Batches Availability: Weekend, Sunday