Nucleus Transformation

The highest in the series of exclusive programs is Nucleus Transformation. The only way to understand it is with following metaphors:

  • When a drop of ocean expands its existence by dissolving itself in the ocean.
  • When the tiniest ray of light intensifies in magnitude and potential to become Sun.
  • When our inconscient can incessantly promotes itself to the supreme superconscient state.

Similarly it is also possible to be part of “SOUL-UTION” where our limited consciousness can expand itself to the extent of being divine.

  • It is much beyond the realization of two different entities of our existence that is body and soul.
  • It is also much advanced the realization of our masculine and feminine elemental selves.
  • It is the core of all orbital layers of consciousnesses created, developed and dissolved by us.
  • It is the evolution of our core, our nucleus, it is nucleus transformation.